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'The Best 5 Defenders' Mushroom Powder 50 g

'The Best 5 Defenders' Mushroom Powder 50 g

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Organic 5 Mushroom Fusion Powder for Dogs 

'The Best 5 Defenders' Mushroom Powder is a harmonious fusion of nature's finest mushroom powders in one convenient package. Say goodbye to buying multiple mushroom powders separately; this ultimate blend combines the most popular mushrooms in perfect proportions:  

✔️ Lion's Mane

✔️ Cordyceps

✔️ Reishi

✔️ Turkey Tail 

✔️ Chaga

This product has been tested for pesticides, artificial fertilisers, heavy metals, e.coli, yeast, mould, salmonella and foreign matter. It contains no bulking agents, added sugar, mycelium, palm oil or GMO.


✔️ LION’S MANE MUSHROOM – Helps to Support Cognitive Function 

Lion's Mane powder, a traditional medicinal mushroom, is known for its potential to support cognitive function, memory, and mental acuity, particularly beneficial for senior pets¹. Recent studies have revealed novel compounds, such as NDPIH, in Lion's Mane, which stimulate the growth of nerve cells in the brain and enhance intricate brain cell branches². 


Cordyceps mushroom powder is known to enhance performance and vitality, making it a popular choice for athletes and active dogs. Its ability to improve exercise performance by increasing oxygen utilisation and blood flow can help delay fatigue and enhance overall performance³. If your dog is involved in demanding activities like agility training or competitive sports, Cordyceps may provide valuable benefits.

✔️ REISHI MUSHROOM – Companion during mental and physical stress

Reishi mushrooms are known as nature's stress-reliever. Their adaptogenic properties help your body combat stress while promoting relaxation from within⁴. Studies suggest that Reishi mushroom powder can improve sleep quality and lead to a lesser feeling of fatigue⁵. 

✔️ TURKEY TAIL MUSHROOM – Rich in antioxidants 

Turkey tail mushrooms are rich in antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress, potentially lowering the risk of diseases like cancer and heart issues⁶. They also show promise in supporting pets with hemangiosarcoma, a common canine cancer, and may serve as a complementary treatment for various dog cancers⁷. 

✔️ CHAGA – Immune System Help 

Chaga is believed to have immune-boosting properties. It contains compounds like polysaccharides that can help support the immune system. These polysaccharides may stimulate the production and activity of immune cells, such as lymphocytes and natural killer cells, which play a crucial role in defending the body against infections and diseases. While more research is needed to fully understand the extent of Chaga's impact on the immune system, it's often considered a potential natural remedy for immune support⁸.

Baobab powder complements the blend. It is to enhance the flavour; as well as also providing the essential vitamin C needed to help the body’s absorption of polysaccharides, the beneficial compounds in the mushrooms. We have now combined all these incredible powders into one.


Sourced from South Africa, Slovenia, and China, each mushroom in this unique formula possesses distinct properties that contribute to overall well-being. 

Please note, the exact quantities of ingredients in our 5 mushroom blend have been omitted intentionally as it’s a proprietary recipe.

Dosage for Dogs

We recommend starting with a dosage of 0.7125 grams (8th of a teaspoon) per 15 kg of weight for the first 3 days.

You could raise the dosage for further need to 0.5 g (1/4 of a teaspoon) for every 15 kg of bodyweight daily, or as recommended by your Vet.


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Does mushroom powder have any side effects for dogs? 

Mushroom powder is generally considered safe for dogs when used as directed and in appropriate doses. However, as with any supplement or dietary change, individual dogs may react differently. Before introducing mushroom powder to your dog's diet, and if you observe any unusual symptoms or have concerns, we recommend consulting with a veterinarian for guidance and to address any specific health-related questions. 

What is the recommended duration for using mushroom powder? Is it safe for long-term use?

Mushroom powder can typically be used for extended periods as part of a long-term wellness regimen for your dog. It is considered safe for continuous use, but the ideal duration may vary depending on your dog's specific health goals and individual needs. Many dog owners incorporate mushroom powder into their dog's daily diet as part of a holistic approach to overall well-being.

It's essential to consult with a veterinarian to determine the most suitable duration and dosage, especially if your dog has specific health concerns.

How can I incorporate mushroom powder into my dog's diet?

Incorporating Turkey Tail mushroom powder into your dog's diet is typically straightforward and can often be mixed with their regular food. Here's a general guideline:

  • Sprinkle on Food: You can sprinkle the recommended dosage of Turkey Tail mushroom powder directly onto your dog's regular food. Mixing it well with the food ensures your dog consumes it.
  • Mix with Treats: If your dog enjoys treats, you can sprinkle the powder onto their treats or mix it into treat ingredients.
  • Create a Gravy or Paste: Some dog owners mix the powder with a small amount of water to create a paste or gravy-like consistency, which can then be poured over the food.
  • Homemade Dog Food: If you prepare homemade meals for your dog, you can incorporate the powder directly into their meals.

Ensure you follow the recommended dosage based on your dog's weight and health needs. Starting with a small amount and gradually increasing it over a few days can help your dog adjust to the new addition.