Organic Mushroom Powder for Dogs

Our organic mushroom powders for dogs are natural, nutrient-rich supplements that have gained popularity among pet owners seeking natural ways to support their furry friends' well-being. Each mushroom is carefully cultivated to preserve its nutritional value. Afterwards, the mushroom gets finely blended to create a potent and easily digestible powder form, making it simple for pet owners to incorporate into their dog's daily diet. 

Our organic mushroom supplements for dogs remain entirely free from unnecessary additives, such as fillers, mycelium, grain or starch,  delivering a product that is 100% focused on providing the essential nutrients and benefits your furry friend deserves.

  • From Overactive to Zen

    Reishi Organic Mushroom Powder has been a game-changer for my once-restless and overreactive dog Milly. Since we started using it, her overall calmness has significantly improved. She now faces stressors like thunderstorms and fireworks with newfound composure. I highly recommend Reishi to fellow dog parents seeking a natural solution for a calmer dog.

    – Nicola, Leeds

  • Actually works

    Was recommend this by a friend for my 6yo Doodle, separation anxiety and general stress. Did my research and found these to be best value by far! Couldn’t be happier with the results. Buddie has been so calm and collected, worth every penny. Customer service also brilliant! Thanks!

    – Cliff, Knaresborough

  • Energised and Enthusiastic Pup

    My dog used to struggle to find the motivation for walks, but Woofshrooms, particularly Cordyceps, changed everything. Since starting this supplement, his energy levels have soared. He's now excited and ready for walks, which has made our daily routines a pleasure.

    – Amy, Colchester